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The Importance of a Good CV

Whether you’ve recently finished school or university, or you are about to start searching for a new position, making your CV unique is essential if you want to get invited to an interview and make a good impression, there are a few simple ways to do it. For every application you submit, you could be up against numerous other candidates who have a similar skill set.

When an employer opens your CV the first thing, they will see is your personal statement, which means it is imperative to get this absolutely right if you expect them to read on further.

Use your profile to tell the employer who you are, what you can offer and what your goals and aspirations are. Use the job description to identify the specific skill the employer is looking for and highlight these in your CV.

If you are confident enough, you can add a video. If not, add some superb images and bring character and colour to the CV. See below sample of both:

With Images only:

Below is a sample template, one of our templates if you like this particular style.

With a Video embedded

Importance of a Good CV Writing

Try and make your CV unique. Your unique selling point can set you apart, it will help you to stand out from the crowd. Talk about what you can bring to the company, mention anything impressive, interesting for example if you have any interesting hobbies or if you participate in any sports, music, baking or creative hobbies. Always give real life examples but don’t exaggerate and keep to the point.

Ensure achievements are relevant to the job and always emphasise your ability to carry out the role effectively.

You should also include links to portfolios, blogs, or anything else that not only demonstrates your skills, but also makes you unique.

Creative CV Writing

Making the most of ‘keywords’ many employers use keywords when searching for candidates using job titles that they are hiring for, in addition to duties and responsibilities.

So, to ensure you’re ticking all the boxes, always check the job description and company website for specific words and phrases the employer might be looking for.

Your CV need to be adapted in accordance with the job description you are applying for and any other information in relation to responsibilities required for the job. One of the best tricks of the trade is the tailor your CV to the job you are applying for, in as much as your experience allows you to

It is important to note a CV is about selling your skills and experience, your CV has to make an impression so get the basic right. Ensure your CV is clear, concise and to the point (not too long maximum should be two pages).

Finally, your CV should be easy to read and include work experience, education, achievement, and hobbies, all of which present you in the best light.