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I am a seasoned Digital Marketing Manager. My introduction to the world of advertising started with a stint at 118118 Media where I first mastered the basics of advertising and had my first taste of digital media for local business.

I then focussed purely in local business digital marketing, with Google's largest global partner at the time with 33,000 clients. We developed cutting edge technology which was a game-changer in the online advertising world and created the first conversion-based optimisation model, which has now become industry standard.

I am presently in my 3rd Year at the University of Wolverhampton studying an undergraduate degree in Marketing.


Work History

Nakatomi Plaza Bank - Customer Services Clerk

01/01/18 - 01/02/2020

  • General customer services duties
  • Cash handling responsibilities
  • Dispute resolution & problem solving
  • Working as a part of a team

Stark Industries PLC - Business Development & Sales

01/01/16 - 10/12/2017

  • Selling Group Software to banks & finance companies
  • Cold calling businesses & arranging sales appointments
  • Face to face meetings & online meetings via goto / joinme & zoom
  • Working to targets & achieving key performance indicators
  • Arranging sales information packs and distribution as well as following up every single lead

HFY Summer Camp, Sharon, Massachusetts, Camp Counsellor

02 / 04 / 2012 - 21 / 12 / 2015

  • Working on a Summer camp with children aged from 7 - 15yrs
  • Drama Counsellor - working as a part of the drama team & arranging shows & performances for the rest of the camp to attend and enjoy
  • Taking groups out on daytime residential trips to places of local interest & with educational value
  • Teamwork - this was a large effort with over 300 children and so co-ordinating with other counsellors both in terms of within my immediate team and the wider camp was crucial to the smooth running of the entire operation
  • Communication skills were critical in this role as you are dealing with different things daily. This could range from a young child generally being disruptive and finding the right degree of sensitivity and discipline all the way to helping a young teenager confront a personal trauma from his private life involving serious issues such as abuse or domestic violence, etc. Our role was to provide a safe channel for them to feel comfortable talking to us and then liaising with the relevant authority figure & being sensitive in how it is handled & dealt with

This was truly an eye-opening experience as some of the challenges were very real and very traumatic and you learn very quickly how to respect someone's privacy while at the same time, providing a framework for them to get the help they need in order to reconcile their experiences. For many of these children, the camp provided an escape where they were allowed room to think and work out their feelings on a number of subjects as well as allowing young people to be young and enjoy their Summer while having fun in a safe & controlled environment.

I truly believe that this experience gave me the skills I shall need to go through life as a sensible and level-headed individual. It also taught me how to approach certain challenges and unexpected situations. Prior to this, I would not have known the right approach and this will help me with all future jobs & roles of responsibility. I look forward to putting these amazing skills to good use for the right organisation.



Tracking Conversions & Proving ROI

As a performance marketer. I provide dashboard access to every phone call, email, forms fill & live chat enquiry. Clients then simply calculate the ROI. This is crucial to any client when it comes to measuring the impact of your ads & marketing.
Google Ads (PPC)95%
Facebook / Instagram Ads95%
Display Banner Ads75%
Social Media Content & Posting70%
Education Year
University of Wolverhampton 2017-2020
Solihull College of Technology 2016-2017
Cadbury College 2015-2016
Moseley School 2015-2016

Hobbies & Interests

I have a varied range of hobbies and interests. I love to keep my mind active and read a lot of books. Typically, this would be factual or biographies as opposed to fiction. I also consume a lot of documentaries.

The quarantine has given me a wonderful opportunity to pick up new skills and so I've taken up a course in videography & editing. It's early days yet but over time I shall educate myself to a level of competence & even professionalism. These skills would compliment my existing skillset in terms of digital marketing & content creation. It's a superb skill to be able to offer a future employer as I already have a grasp of websites & social media.

For relation, I play the guitar & I work out. I believe it's important to remain physically fit & healthy so that you can offer your employer the best version of yourself. I believe I would be an asset to any future employer as I'm a team player but also able to work hard



Professional & Character References

"Shay Gibson has been an asset to Murdock & Nelson Solicitors. He wasn't afraid to ask questions and roll up his sleeves and delve into case work right from the very beginning. In time, he learned the various quirks and industry terminology very quickly and became an extremely reliable member of our team. Our work is fast-paced and often, you need to drop everything at short notice to get to court or meet a client. Shay is someone who is happy & comfortable working under his own initiative and any organisation would be lucky to have someone so resourceful & committed".

Karen Fisk, Nelson & Murdock Solicitors

"Shay, to this very day is one of our favourite camp counsellors. Camp life is challenging as you're often dealing with young adults who may have their own trauma or have had difficult home lives. When they arrive at our camp, it provides an escape from the day-today lives they know. Our role is to make is a safe & fun environment as much as possible. Shay was placed in the drama camp & immediately set about working closely with the team, both to help devise plays and also to generally make drama a fun place where you'd want to be for the children. His infectious laugh and sense of humour were perfect & the kind of personality we'd hoped for. He'd entertain with his guitar and was always happy to deputise if another counsellor needed help or support. That Summer, we received many letters saying that is was one of the best ever & Shay played a big part in it. I couldn't be happier recommending him to any future employer. I'd say go ahead; you'll be glad you did"

Jackson Scarlett, Executive Director



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