Personal Profile

								An adaptive, ambitious and passionate business and accounting student, with decades of experience in both sectors. Fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian, with excellent organisational skills and a head for taking the initiative even in the most challenging of situations. A business-minded born leader and natural talent for heading a team with a pronounced managerial orientation, but with the flexibility to squeeze every ounce of productivity and shared knowledge from teamwork environments. Accounting and finance skills have been honed over a pointed career, with numeracy, keen attention to detail and critical analysis all being developed beyond the professional standard. Equipped with an enduring accountability, defining personal reputation by the quality of end results, whilst continuously collegiate and passionate about achieving the impeccability of customer service and product delivery. 							
Key Skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • IMS
  • SAGE/Quickbooks
  • Oracle
  • Multilingual, speaking English, Italian, French

Work Experience

Investment Banking/Internship , Investment Banking/Internship

January 1970 - January 1970

  • Overview on financial markets and investment opp
  • Forex and currency exchange training, stocks
  • Financial Report analysis and valuation for inve
  • Financial Report analysis and valuation for
  • Private Equity, M&A
  • Liaising with the legal and fraud department

Corporate Law and Finance/Internship , Bright Network

January 1970 - January 1970

  • Overview of the industrysector
  • Financial modelling and strategies
  • Financial Report analysis and valuation
  • Business model and valuation plan
  • How to raise capital
  • Deep understanding of all the legal steps
  • Deep understanding of Corporate Law

Case Manager , | Aetna International

January 1970 - January 1970

  • Fielding customer claims and assessing cases
  • Extensive use of digital systems and email
  • Extensive use of digital systems and email
  • Liaising with medical, compliance
  • Translating documents
  • Inspecting invoices and payments

Finance Analyst; Customer Service Representative , Coral

January 1970 - January 1970

  • Payment management, via bank transfer, Moneybook
  • Business administration
  • Balancing books, monitoring cash
  • Auditing, credit analysis and risk
  • Liaising with VIP and security department
  • Developing and adhering to KPIs

Holiday Representative/Tour Operator , SwanTours

January 1970 - January 1970

  • Representing a welcoming and enthusiastic
  • Help desk, fielding general enquiries
  • Articulate and well-informed tour guide
  • Interpreting and translating was a regular duty
  • Responsible for the kids’ club
  • Providing accurate and concise sales reports

Credit Controller and Bookkeeper , Ermenegildo Zegna Group

January 1970 - January 1970

  • Bookkeeping, credit control and analysis
  • Careful handling of customs documents
  • Managing expense claims and payments
  • Assistant account manager
  • Awarded for exceptional teamwork
  • Always accountable, staking personal reputation

Accounts and Finance Assistant; Exports Assistant , Smeraldo

January 1970 - January 1970

  • Accountable for invoicing and managing payments
  • Managing deliveries, prices and logistics
  • Curating purchase and sales ledgers
  • Involved in all aspects of correspondence

Hobbies & Extra Curricular

								Babysitting/Au Pair/Nanny/Tutor (Languages, Maths, Science, Accounting and Law) : summer holidays, terms, gap year, worked for friends and families abroad, mum of two lovely boys (best experience ever), looking after kids, feeding, cooking meals, bath time, sleeping time, night carer, outdoor and indoor activities, homework, picking up, lovely bonding time with kids and family. Tutoring kids and adults, different disciplines, very flexible, international environment. (1995-2018)							


Education and Training Year

BA in Business & Accounting

1970 1970

Fashion Buying and Merchandising

1970 - 1970
CittĂ  Studi University

Diploma in Business Admin & Accountancy

1970 - 1970


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