Job Opportunities for Young People

Job Opportunities for Young People

A job can help young people and teenagers to develop their social and professional skill in order to achieve new accomplishments, develop work experience, and become more financially independent from their parents. This is a great opportunity to learn life skills and responsibility, work ethic, as well as time and money management.

Any young person who has any kind of job or work experience, has enough to build a good Curriculum Vitae (CV) and this will generally have an advantage over someone who has no CV, work or job experience.

So, what type of work opportunities are there out and their availability for young people?

Part time and summer jobs have always been an important and great way for young people to get started in the labour market. However, jobs they usually go into are decreasing due to an increase number of business moving to online services, for example, sales and retail are popular and provide almost half of all employment for young people, also summer job seems to be harder and harder to find.

Many young people are struggling and finding it increasingly difficult to find jobs to accompany their studies. A great blog in The Guardian  makes this point strongly, highlighting that such jobs are few and far between.

The labour market is constantly changing and the type of work available to young people. The use of technology and increased automation means that there are less jobs in customer service and administration.

The results of this are young people will need to be much better at transferring skills from one type of work to another.

It is useful to think about different career ideas and future plans by researching various careers, know what options are available in education and training, discuss ideas and options with careers adviser, participating in activities that will help develop your skills, talk to family and friends about the kind of work they do.

Workplaces need to equip and support young people with the resources they need to find purposeful or resilient careers, using the advice they often receive from parents and schools, and what’s needed to thrive in the world of work today.