interviews preparation

How to prepare for an Interview

Types of interviews

There are a number of different types of a job interview, the most traditional and common one is face to face where you will attend in person either at an office or other suitable location, generally, these type of interview last about 40 minutes and may also include a test.

Assessment Centre, this gives the employer an opportunity to assess applicants at the same time where you will be required to take part in various tasks such as a presentation, team exercise and possibly psychometric test/personality tests, these are often a full day experience.

You will notice that a lot of face to face interviews are no longer taking place due to social distancing, employers are having to find alternative ways to carry out interviews.

Telephone interviews are very similar to face to face interviews Before the interview ensure you have prepared by reading and reviewing the job description and person specification and any other documents that were sent to you with the invitation. It’s essential that you have taken time to prepare, know all about the company and are ready for questions that demonstrate that you’ve read the material.

If you are having a telephone/video call interview try and use a quiet room where you will not have any distraction or disturbance and try and have a plain background if possible.

During a telephone interview, it will be difficult for the Interviewer to evaluate things like personal appearance, body language and personality so it is important to demonstrate your skill and experience and communicate in a clear and articulate way.

Phone and video interviews are often a lot shorter than face to face interviews; naturally, everyone is nervous before an interview whatever type it may be. Try and remain calm and positive.

The Interview – Always ensure you have prepared for your interview, try and do this in advance and don’t leave it too late. You will need to demonstrate that you know and understand you are applying to work for, are there any significant changes or challenges what the business values are.

Read the job description, the job application and focus on your skills and qualifications required for the job. Try and find out some information about the interview panel use platforms like LinkedIn and or the about us section on the company website, this is useful and may help to connect with the interview panel.

What you should wear to an interview, it is still expected that candidates dress smart, this, however, may depend on the type of company you are going for an interview with for example a creative or design company may have a different approach to a large corporate company. If in doubt it probably better to attend in smart wear.

Try and ask some interesting question at the end of the interview for example “what do you enjoying about working for this company?”
Finally, to end the interview thank the panel for their time and say you look forward to seeing or speaking to them soon. Ask for the next steps to demonstrate that you are interested and to try to “close” the interviewer.