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Uploading Media Guidelines

(Here’s where the magic happens so pls, take this part seriously!!!!!)


Images have a 5MP size limit – Photos taken on your phone should be fine

The majority of mobile phone cameras take photographs at between 8-16 megapixels and this is big enough. However, it will need to be cropped so that you are happy with the images you ultimately choose to upload.

Best Practice: Prepare Photos in Advance

Prepare your 4 or 5 photographs up front, get the image sizes consistent with the information below. This way, creating your CV/resume site becomes a 10-minute job if copy & pasting your word document into our platform.

Select your header image, select you 3 or 4 support images (or less if you wish) and using the free tool below, resize them to meet the dimensions highlighted below.

If you wish to go ahead and create a CV/resume site for future employers to look at, prepare the photographs in advance. They can always be changed later on, as can the entire CV/resume information.

Facebook / Social Media galleries:

Sorry folks, it’s not quite as simple as taking photos from your Facebook or other social media galleries as those images are compressed & so it won’t work. We want to give you the very best CV/resume possible and in order to do that, we need your images to fit perfectly.

Too Many Images in the Template:

The workaround – Upload images of plain black or whatever colour you prefer. If you upload a plain black image, then the CV/resume will only show the text in that panel and instead of the image, a plain black / dark blue, etc will show in its place

Note of Caution on Image Sizes:

If you upload the wrong sized images, your CV/resume will not look right & you will be disappointed & we don’t want you to have that frustration.
As this is a crucial document that future employers and work colleagues may see, we need to help you get this absolutely perfect. Please look at the specs and samples below.

Use the resize tool link below if you need to adjust the images but this is so that we can give you 100% awesome end result that you can be proud of.

Main Header Image – 1100 X 1920

The main image needs a slightly bigger size than all of the subsequent images.

You need to ensure that the image space is 1100 x 1920 (or as close to these as possible)

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All Other Images – 700 X 1580

All other images require a slightly smaller dimension.

You need to ensure that the image spece is 700 x 1580 (or as close to these as possible)

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One of the best features on your CV/resume site is that you can upload videos. That can be personal profiles, they can be your referees providing a character or work reference or even videos of your workplace. They can even be samples of your work if you are a media student or a videographer who provides wedding or commercial video services.

You can bring your site to life with awesome, well produced videos.

Show off your work skills using the awesome power of video. This is a big leap away from the traditional Word / PDF document.

1 – Non-Branded CV / Resume Package – YouTube Link Required

Videos must first be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo or any other video service. You are then required to provide us with your video link.

IE – www.youtube.com/yourvideo

2 – Domain Branded – Direct Uploads

Upload your Video direct to your site as in this package, you are paying for the hosting of the entire site which can later be adapted to become a full website, if you wish.

Why Can You Upload Directly with the Branded Option?

In short, we are making this as cheap as possible for you as we acknowledge that CV/resumes are not usually paid for.

The Non-Branded CV/Resume Will Cost Less Than a Cup of Coffee Per Month!!!!!

The reason is because the branded, option involves paying for hosting charges. Once you are paying for the hosting, then your video can be uploaded directly from your phone. The non-branded version requires a link as we are not hosting the actual videos but if you are prepared to pay for the branded version (where you have your own private domain name), then you are welcome to upload the video direct to your site.

Feel free to use the contact form below to email us questions, if you have any. We’d be happy to help.

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