finding work overseas

Finding work overseas

Have you ever wanted to work abroad? You may already have decided on where you would like to go to have a new and exciting experience.
There are so many opportunities and many companies that have a global presence. You may be looking to work abroad as a temporary option, after college or a career break from your existing employer. A career break should not be seen as a vacation however, it is one of the best ways to gain global exposure and experience.

What do you need to do and know? Working abroad can mean different things to different people. Age should not be a factor, however; sometimes this does limit your options. Almost every country you apply to work you will require a work visa and of course, a valid passport.

There are jobs for everyone no matter what age you are, whether you want to relocate or continue your career.

Finding work abroad through an agent can be helpful, they will support you through your journey, sometimes the fee is paid for by the employer but even if you pay yourself, there are lots of benefits to using an agent. They can arrange your visa, health insurance and help to find somewhere to stay.

Some people prefer to go to their chosen place of work to explore what the opportunities are and connect with a recruiter before they leave. You may want to consider a working holiday visa, some travellers are eligible for this, please check as each country will have its own rules and regulations regarding working visa.

Voluntary work abroad is also an option, however, you will not be paid and sometimes you will be expected to cover your own expense like accommodation and flights. Since it is so much you can get out of this experience volunteering is definitely one of best ways to work abroad you get to do something useful, be part of a team and make a contribution to people’s lives, this would be great for developing your social and communication skills. – is a superb organisation with many years of experience in arranging overseas work and those who have attended have often said that it’s one of the best experiences they have ever had.
Alternatively, you may want to consider hospitality such as cruise ships. This industry is a huge employer. Below are a couple of links if you need further information

Once you have decided which country or region you wish to work start looking for an international job on recruitment sites, some larger companies have work programs in place to transfer or send workers abroad, often these assignments come with paid accommodation and help with flights.

One of the challenges to getting a job abroad is to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are worth hiring, convince them you are willing to commit and do what it takes to secure an interview. Let them know why you are the right person for the job. All the best with you search for work abroad.