Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ’s

  1. This helps you establish a professional presence.  Future clients, employers, colleagues, business partners, investors, friends, etc will all look online to find information about you.By having an online CV/resume, you take control of what they find and how you look to the outside world.

    For younger members, this may be your first digital presence outside of the social media platforms and so you want to ensure that your audience sees you exactly how you’d like to be portrayed. This will help you look professional, control what information is out there and will also show the best possible version of you. You’re in control here and you can change it as many times as you want

  2. Employers are able to contact you directly & even set up video interviews so that you are not geographically bound.  We recommend you set up a Calendly account for this purpose but your chosen diary mechanism is entirely up to you.
  3. Your CV/resume site is designed to be fully mobile responsive and can also be created on your Mobile device too, within 10 min minutes.  This is determined by how much information you include.
  4. Look amazing!  MS Word (which we love and use all the time) has been around since 1983!  Let’s go forward & drag your CV/resume into the future.  It’s time for a paradigm shift.You’ll look so much better than interview competitors who present themselves on a 30-year-old mechanism.  If 10 people apply for the same job and 9 have an old fashioned looking cv/resume while you are the only 1 who has an incredible, online, dynamically created cv/resume site, you will be the one who they remember.  This, hopefully, will help you secure an interview.
  5. Future-Proof your online presence.  As you develop and over a number of years, you can continually adapt the document to reflect all new experiences and even migrate over to a fully branded professional website when the time is right.  This keeps you in complete control of your online presence.

    Your website becomes your online home whereas the large social media platforms own your data.  With your own site, you retain a far greater level of control. You can present yourself the way you want to be seen and add reviews, testimonials, etc.  This can also help offset any negative online presence.

  6. Business growth / LEADS.  If you have a CV/resume site, you can use it as a lead gen tool.  Whether you are a lawyer wanting new clients, whether you run a band and are looking for bookings, or a plumber, physiotherapist, etc, the site will become a tool that you can use to receive more business enquiries.   Everyone loves getting new enquiries for their services, support, job offers, etc.
You can subscribe by clicking the “start now” button. This will take you to a subscription page where you can enter your payment details. Once you are subscribed & the first payment is confirmed, you will then be directed to our platform.

The CV creation takes approx 10 minutes. Once you set it live, it is a live page, on the internet and you can just send the link to your prospective employers, friends, colleagues or post the link to social media accounts and generate some real excitement within your close friends & family.

Between 1-5 meg for each image. A typical photograph taken on your mobile device should be fine for this purpose. Where possible, avoid using images from your social media sites as these are compressed and will not translate as well as actual photographs taken by your camera or cell phone.
You will need to add a link to your video which you can upload to YouTube or any other video site. The platform is designed for YouTube videos primarily but should work just as well with Vimeo or other video platforms as long as you add the link to your video.
Yes, we have included 2 superb templates to get you started for the standard image and we have also included 2 for video CVs and so you can select your preferred template and begin to populate the template, you’ll have an amazing looking web-based CV/resume that will help you stand out from the crowd.

It’s designed to give you a real wow-factor so please do be sure to pick great photographs to showcase who you are.

We advise having a couple of images with work-wear (smart/ smart-casual) and also at least a couple of images where you are casual and relaxed. A fun & quirky image is always good to include too We’ll leave it to you to choose. Be creative and enjoy the result. You can always change it if you’re not happy with any of the images or how it looks.

Yes. All CV’s will have the URL (domain name) or
Therefore, your CV/resume is unique to you, the subscriber and all variations will be set live on this domain name.

Can I have it branded to my name & remove the CV Brand Me prefix? i.e.

If you require a branded domain name, no problem! We have created branded packages to accommodate you. Pls, subscribe to the branded package and set your CV up using the platform. We will then go ahead and create the branded version with your full name.

These are websites & so we need you to just send us a message via our website or using this link and we will do the rest. Please, choose your domain name carefully as we will set you up using the domain you provide us. If it’s not available, we will choose the name and add on the letter’s CV after it. i.e. Alternatively, we will select the closest variation and you can confirm that you are happy with it.

While all of this is being done, you can still create the generic you will benefit from it immediately. We will then take a further 1-5 days(typically 3) to fully create your branded CV/resume and set it live.

The reason here is that they are fully customised websites.

You can have as many pages as a full website. You can choose for a more professional look & feel. Typically, this includes but is not limited to the following

  • Home Page
  • About Me Page
  • Services Page
  • Testimonials Page
  • Contact Me

Additional Costs Cover the Following:

As it’s an individualised professional website, the cost also factors in hosting charges & also the cost of maintaining the site.  This is when you move far beyond the regular CV and decide on a more professional & fully branded look and feel.

Let us know what you’d like.  Tell us how you want your site to represent you and we will build you a fully customised site to project you to the world exactly how you want to be seen.

In the professional world, something like this allows you to increase your consultancy charges or your hourly rate as It elevates your status far beyond the standard CV/ resume.

This is your CV/resume site. It’s your data. It’s only live for as long as you keep it live.

Some subscribers may prefer to create it and ONLY set it live when applying for jobs. Outside of that, they will keep it in the account but not set as live. Entirely up to you.

The information on the CV/ resume is 100% yours while we retain licence of the way it’s presented and the technology platform it sits upon, for as long as you are a subscriber.

Data usage is consistent with our Privacy Policy and is subject to legal requirements. We will, at all times, be compliant with international standards. The benchmark for these is presently European GDPR standards.

We understand that you may wish to tailor a CV/resume for a specific job while retaining the main one for generic uses. We’ve set you up for 4 different CV/resume sites within the one subscription. This will enable you to create a general one, a sales version, an HR/ Admin, version, etc.

You can tailor your site for the individual role you are applying for.

If you need more flexibility than this, pls, do contact us using the contact form or and we help you achieve the right outcome.

While the CV/resume site itself wasn’t designed for that purpose, we can, of course, help you with this. Whether it’s a business site you need or a professional personal site, we can help you with that. Fell free to contact us and tell us more using the form on the site or send a message to and we will happily be in touch.

Have a look at a few other sites you like, perhaps of people you know or even competitors. It’s always helpful to us when you give us an idea of what you have in mind. Everything else, we can do & we’d be delighted to help you with it. If you are an existing CV Brand Me subscriber, we will gladly put a 20% discount onto the table to reward you for your loyalty. We love saying thank you and we love having you as a part of the family.

No. The domain name is limited to the individual subscriber. However, each account allows for the creation of 4 CV/resumes. If someone you know wants a CV/resume site for themselves, we require them to subscribe as a member.