Coronavirus Job Loss

Coronavirus Job Losses and Getting Back into Work

Throughout the pandemic thousands of people have being or are in the process of being made redundant.

The UK went into lockdown on the 23rd March 2020 in order to control the spread of the virus, all non-essential retail and hospitality closed.

An article in The Guardian places US job losses at 40 million. Back in April, the US Department for Labor reported 6.6 million cases in a single week. These are very challenging times for those struggling to pay bills and take care of their families.

Many reports suggest that the International economy plunged into the deepest recession since modern records began during this time.

Many businesses are concerned even after reopening that they are struggling with the introduction of social distancing which limits the number of customers. This has resulted in ten and thousands of redundancies and the number are still increasing those mostly effected are hospitality and leisure.

Getting back into work after redundancy and unemployment can be seem like a difficult task and seem much harder. It is important to maximise your online profile and a good CV.

Coronavirus Job Loss - Getting Back to Work

With a competitive market and thousands of people applying for some roles, your personal network is always a good place to start as some employers ask for personal recommendation and they may hear about a job before it has been advertised.

Many employers advertise jobs on their own website and on recruitment sites and use Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook to post jobs. You can sign up to receive job alters based on your profile and the type of job you are looking for.

When compiling your CV, emphasise your skills which a prospective employer wants, rather than listing things you have already done.

List past achievements clearly. For example, you finished a recent project on time and within budget or brought in new clients.

Asking someone else to read your application helps spot any spelling or grammatical errors that could mean your CV may get rejected.

Careers Services are a really useful resource they can assist with searching for jobs, CV writing and cover letters.

There are lots of free online courses and tutorials, qualifying and gaining new skill will show any employer you have been productive during lockdown.

Gaining new skills could help you move into a new sector and shows employers you’ve been productive during lockdown.

Now could be a good time to join the public sector with initiatives like the national retraining scheme helping people move into areas like social work, teaching and healthcare.