Creative Ways to Use Your Digital CV Site

1The Profile Statement

This is your chance to introduce yourself. You can record a short 60 second introduction to yourself, if you’re someone who likes to present themselves this way. It gives employers or potential colleagues a chance to see your personality, rather than just read a static introduction statement.

You can place the text directly underneath if you wish or perhaps you just prefer the introductory paragraph as a video slot on camera isn’t for everyone. Not to worry, there is still plenty you can do with video, even if it’s not yourself speaking on it.

2The Character Reference – On Video

The traditional word CV often ends with: References Available Upon Request. Sometimes, you’d actually put down the names and contact details of 2 referees so that employers can reach out to them directly.

Now, if you wish, you can get one of your referees to record a 30-60 second video where they commit the reference to video. This is a superb way to go as it means they don’t need to do it repeatedly for many employers or perhaps that employers can watch it and then contact them just to ask follow up question.

This is digital so you can also add the referees WhatsApp, Google Meet number link or Skype handle, etc. Future employers can schedule a call using Calendly and the whole process becomes extremely smooth for the employer. This wins you big points when being considered against other candidates.

3Bring the CV to Life!

One powerful feature of turning the CV into a fully functioning digital site is that you are now able to showcase samples of your work.

You can attach website links to work examples. This could be YouTube videos, Could be photography portfolios, could be a link to the Summer Camp website where you worked or perhaps a link to the Charity website in which you did voluntary work.

By making this a visual experience, you are really showing your future employer / colleagues:

  • Your Values – charity & volunteer work
  • Your Passions – Travel blogging – links to the blog / website
  • Your Work Quality – sample photography, event link as an organiser,

This is a really powerful opportunity and takes you far beyond the realm of a Word document as they never allow the employer the chance to actually see you in action or get a feel for your work.

1 – Volunteer Work – Charity

Last Summer, I spent 3 months working as a Red Cross Volunteer where we helped the local community to deal with the aftermath of flooding. This had ripped through the heart of the community and a massive effort was put in to help re-establish the local community and support them through the trauma. Below is a link to the Volunteer site, which demonstrates the kind of work we do:

Volunteer Work in Resume
Volunteer to help in emergencies

In an emergency, you will be there to help when someone needs it most.

Coaching Work in Resume
Be an interpreter or translator

If you speak another language, you could give a voice to people in need by supporting our refugee services or family tracing services.

2 – Hospitality Worker – Cruise Ship Waiter

I love to travel and the chance to work on Celebrity Cruise as a waiter was just too good to pass up. I’ve worked in numerous customer service positions and I’m superb with people. Below is a video highlighting the ship I worked on and the dining experience was a massive part of the guest experience.

Work in Resume OnlineVolunteer Work in CV
Celebrity Cruises Experience Video – A view of life at sea

3 – Web Designer / Graphic Designer

Over the last 5 years, I’ve learned to build websites and I’ve provided my services as a freelance web designer. This has been a superb experience and allowed me to learn webs design tools (listed above in my skills). A sample of the websites I’ve built are below (these are just dummy sample links but show that we can go far beyond the word CV and create a new interactive experience using your CV site).


Other examples

  • Journalists – add links to articles
  • Photographers  – add links to photo galleries

  • Travel Bloggers – Link your blog & relevant videos
  • Chefs – Add samples of your meals or events (we can create an entire page for you, dedicated to this, if you need it, and think it will help you).

  • Actors – link to plays you’ve acted in or your profile on prominent industry sites
  • Influencers – Your Social Media Links to demonstrate following, etc

These are just a handful of examples but clearly demonstrate a new approach to the tried old CV which ahs been much the same, since the 1980’s and early Windows versions.

If you need anything tailor made or custom built, let us know. We can help.

If you need a bespoke solution that goes beyond the basic template, with additions like those described above, you to need to be on a on a superior package.
Contact us and we’d be happy to get it done.

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